Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sleepless in Orange...

Tonight it's only 10:41pm, which is actually early for me to be up on the computer.
I have not been sleeping lately....
Our latest update is that baby sister Molly should be here soon. I am scheduled for induction Monday morning, January 7, 2008. The day our family becomes a family of 4.
Many people have actually suggested I start a family blog, mostly because of the stories I tell of Jack...

Here's the lastest conversation, of course, about his new sister.

"Mom, it's January, right?"
"So, when is baby Molly going to be here? What number will her birthday be?"
"Well, we just have to wait...but she should be here soon"
"But, Mom. How are you going to get her out? Your mouth is too small...."

Oh, to be 4.

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