Monday, March 24, 2008

One COOL Dude...

I decided to take Jack out to dinner tonight. No big deal...we walked to Carls Jr. I also promised a trip to Baskin Robbins if he ate all his dinner.
As we were walking, he asked, "Mom, did you think of ice cream because it's so hot out today? That will cool us off..."
On the way back, he commented, "Good idea, Mom. I am COOL now. But, Mom, not 'cool'
as in, 'I'm fantastic'...but cool like I just went swimming."
My response..."Jack, today you are both!"
What a cool kid....
**on a side note, Molly and I enjoyed our last Monday together (I go back to work next week!).
We met my friend, Ana and her new daughter Mia at the mall and actually WENT TO THE MOVIES! Molly and Mia missed most of 27 Dresses, but were silent the whole time...cute movie. Molly will have to rent it someday!

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Jennifer said...

What a cute story. He is precious. Glad to hear the movie idea worked out :).