Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Splish Splash ...

Well, Miss Molly is getting really excited about bathtime. She kicks and wiggles, making it almost impossible to bath her in the tiny infant tub. SO, since I already had the tub ready for Jack, I decided I would try her in the bath seat. She's not quite sturdy enough on her own to sit for too long...but, it was a funny experience. She realized she could suck on the seat, which created a noise funny to 5 year old boys...you know the one...sounds like a body function.
Anyway, I don't know which is cuter- Molly in the bath or her brother giggling at her.

Click to play bath
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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That bath video is adorable. They both look so cute together in the bath. Jack is hilarious as usual. I need to get that seat for Taylor. The big bath we tried was not that successful. I am loving your blog. I really need to do one :).