Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This post will be long. Sorry.
It's a 3 part story.

Part One:
Last week, during the rain, there was a man asking for money at the freeway off-ramp.
It was POURING rain, so I ended up giving him our umbrella.
Jack's favorite green and blue starred umbrella.
When we continued on, my seven year expressed his sadness that we gave it away.
"The only umbrella I ever had! And it cost me like $30! And YOU gave it away"
(love the drama, eh?)
So, we had a little "chat" and by chat, I talked and he was silent.
We talked about how lucky WE are. To have a car, a home, warm clothes etc...
Jack didn't respond, but I was praying that he listened.

Part 2:
We had a rough morning today.
Jack had left his dinner plate on his desk, and there were ants. EVERYWHERE.
I yelled and was not proud of it, but I was frustrated.
AND, Jack had forgotten his homework.
So, with that bad start, I had a feeling my sensitive son would be a bit emotional.
So, I emailed his teacher and gave her a heads up.

Part 3:
Jack has been blessed with wonderful teachers. This year, his teacher gets a lot of things for her students, donated through her church. Backpacks in the fall. And Halloween costumes in October. Yesterday, at lunch, the girls got to stay inside the classroom and pick their costumes.
Today, the boys got to eat lunch inside and pick theirs.
Here is the email response I received this afternoon, from Jack's teacher:

"Actually, we all had a pretty good day, even with the costume give-away. It was so exciting to watch the children pick out their costumes. Girls were yesterday, boys were today, during our lunch period. One of the dads helped out and everyone was happy at the end. Jack stayed on his lunch and watched. All of us thought that Jack was so gracious about passing on the costume. He said he had one already and everyone was amazed with his kindness and honesty. Super kid you have."

Yep. He's Super.


Elizabeth N. said...

Love the story :)You have awesome kids because they have awesome parents; keep up the great work!!

Mel said...


He is surely learning so much from this experience and from the heart of his wonderful mom.

The Liconas said...

He is a super DUPER kiddo!!!

The Paines said...

It is so good to hear those positive stories. He is listening to what you say, but more importantly watching your example. That is inspiring.

Merideth said...

This story gave me a big smile! Such a cool/interesting/good-hearted kiddo you have! Love that toothless grin. :)

Jennifer said...

Way to go Jack...but I already knew he was super :). That is so sweet and mature for a boy his age.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have a tear rolling down my cheek right now. What a great boy! Good job.

angie said...

what a sweet boy!