Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reasons I Love...

Shutterfly, Shutterfly,
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...

I seriously have been a fan of Shutterfly since the first second I used it.
It's so easy...and so fun...and so addicting!

Here are some of my favorite "projects" I have done so far:

Molly's First Year album. It's just perfect.
Jack's 5th Birthday album. It was a BIG year for Jack...turning 5, becoming a big brother, and starting Kindergarten. This year deserved it's own book! That year, we shared a party with his friend, Christina. I made the CUTEST invitations for the party!

I've done several invitations with Shutterfly, including Molly's First Birthday!
(and her Thank You notes, too!)

I have made calendars, they are the perfect gift for grandparents...(my projects are no longer available, but it was so cute!)

Another favorite thing to make with Shutterfly are Christmas cards.
There are SOOO many choices!
Here is last year's card.
I already have this year's card started...I was so excited because it has room for LOTS of pictures, making it easier to choose which ones to use!

Shutterfly's customer service is wonderful.
Once you sign up with them, you will always get coupons and offers.
Lots of holiday gifts are on sale right now....
SO, go to shutterfly and start creating!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE SHUTTERFLY! Wait until you see the card I made with them for Christmas this year! LOVE IT!!!!
I am putting together a photo album for my MIL right now. She is a tough one to please at Christmas so this should win her over!!!