Thursday, June 16, 2011

bummer, summer

After a long day yesterday, we finally came home.
Green cast and all.

Jack had a crazy random "fall" on the field yesterday.
Fell just right.
Fractured his elbow.
But, he's been a trooper, and has handled it better than we would've EVER expected.

He missed his last day of school today, and we will
now start changing some of our daily summer plans...
No pool, or karate...or park play for 3 weeks.

He DID manage to do a Lego set today...whew!


The Paines said...

Oh no!! So sorry!! Between you and Jack I'm sure there will be no shortage of creative ideas to pass the summer days. I'm glad he is still smiling!

Ana said...

Thank goodness the Legos are still an option!