Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Jack,
You turned 9 last week.
I was in Palm Springs for a conference.
BUT, you still had a great day.
Ice cream treats for your class.
Nana picked you up after school.
Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night for school.
I was so sad to miss it, but sometimes that happens.
We celebrated on Friday at Koki's for dinner.
Went shopping for LEGOS on Saturday with your birthday money.
I just can't believe that you are nine years old.
You've made us proud every single day.

(Jack at 9 days old)

(so thankful for Jack's teacher who sent me this picture as a text message
on Jack's actual birthday. He was happy to take treats to share!)
Koki's Dinner!


mel said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Legos forever...

Mom said...

I remember going with you on the day that first photo was taken. We were kind of disappointed that he slept through the whole appointment, but it sure turned out cute, huh?