Friday, May 4, 2012

Time to Fly....

So, tomorrow is my birthday.
And I don't really need anything.
BUT, here's something cool...

Bella's family is participating in a BIG fundraising event for PUCK.
And the cool thing is...
Amazing, right?
Well, guess who has her own fundraising page??
My favorite 6 year old.
Ali is hoping to raise money, too.
And I want to help her...
So, maybe...on my birthday...
You could go to the Time to Fly page
and donate $5.00 to Ali's walk?
Because that would really mean $10.00...

It would make me a really happy 37 year old :)
And, it would make this special 6 year old feel REALLY important, too.

Here are some more friends who would be super happy about it, too:
more friends, here!

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