Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cars Land

We are a Disney family.
We go quite a bit.
When Disney announced Cars Land would be opening just in time 
for summer crowds, we had kind of decided NOT
 to go until all the craziness had died down.
But we didn't.
Of course, we've been 3 times since :)

The whole area is beyond perfect.
If this had been opened 5 years ago, when Jack was REALLY 
into collecting the cars and the movie,
I would have cried watching him explore this new "land"...
It's just like walking into the movie...

 It's lovely at night, with all the neon...
And there are 3 rides...

 The Cars make appearances, and Red sprays the kids as they walk by.

The best ride, the Radiator Racers, has a long, long line.
With a fast pass, it makes it somewhat worth the wait and the heat.
There is also a single rider line, that is a great option as well.

If anyone wants to go, call us!
I'm pretty sure we will be back!!
(oh, another bonus is the opening of the Ghiradelli ice cream shop.....)


jane said...

FUN! (and YUM- Ghiradelli)

JDiLuigi said...

Love the new header! The colors are great. Your pics are fantastic in the post too! Makes me want to brave the crowds at Cars Land. It also makes me want to update my blog - it has been to long, and I feel guilty!