Saturday, February 2, 2013

flying solo

We had an interesting situation here last week.
Ken took the kids to visit his mom in Ohio.
They were gone for 6 days...
The kids were really good travelers for Ken, and they all had a busy week,
filled with snow, family, and friends.
(some of these are cell phone pics)
On the airplane

at Ken's high school locker

Fun with the Sladky Family

Elephants at the airport

Snow Angels

Snow at Grandma's house

Lego buildings at the airport



First day there

A belated Birthday celebration for Molly, and early celebration for Jack

more snow!


My CA kids exploring the snow

Just a little tired

Sledding, was a major highlight!

I had a quiet week at home...kept myself busy and distracted...
But I was so happy to have everyone home!

1 comment:

jane said...

snow!!! :)

six days? how much school did they miss? how come you didn't go with them?