Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Fish Named Tiny

Well, he started out asking for a dog...then, a cat ("because cats don't yank on babies, mom")...and then, a fish...I decided we could handle that. So, after a traditional visit to the pet store after a nice dinner at Koki's, we came home with "Tiny". Jack spent lots of time picking him out...I tried to get him to choose a beautiful beta fish, with the long flowing blue tail and fins. But, no, he picked the smallest and least "flashy" fish at the store. We even found a space themed fish tank for Tiny. Jack is very responsible and takes good care of his new friend. Of course, he talks to him, too...on the way home I heard him say to Tiny, "We are going to your new home. I hope you like it there".
When he fed his new pet for the first time, the fish immediately swam up to eat the food...Jack was amazed..."I knew I picked a smart one, Mom!"...

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