Sunday, August 10, 2008

from the mouth of babes...well, 5 year olds

Jack witnessed his first thunder and lightning storm here in Ohio. And was REALLY excited about it. We were sitting on the porch, watching and listening. He wanted to share this excitement with his cousin, also 5. He ran downstairs and tried to get Jordan to come outside to "listen to the thunder and lightning". Well, the problem is...Jordan has lived in Ohio his whole life..and this weather is very common for, Jack couldn't get Jordan outside.
Instead, he came back out, very angry....
Jack: "Jordan called me a 'darnit'"
me: "a what?"
Jack: "a darnit"
(, we called Jordan out to clarify)
me: "Jordan, did you call Jack a 'darnit'?"
Jordan: "NO! I only said...'I already know what thunder and lightning sounds like, darnit"
We laughed and laughed...and then Jack and I stayed outside to listen to the storm.

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Jennifer said...

Glad Jack had some excitement. The thunderstorms in the Midwest and East Coast are amazing.