Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Tea and The Night Before....

Today was the Welcome Tea for Kindergarten.
Nana brought Jack. Ken met us there.
Jack formally met Ms. Joo, had some nervous tears,
but quickly recovered.
Kindergarten starts tomorrow.
(wasn't he JUST starting pre-school??!)
Jack has been in bed for almost an hour. He's WIDE awake.
Maybe we are BOTH nervous?
We are starting our first year of an ALL DAY program...yikes!
But, I am more nervous on the "mom" side of things...
I know his teacher will love him.
I know he will make new friends.
I know he will continue to grow academically.
I know all these things, and yet, here I am...putting off going to bed.
Because I know that when I do, I will be WIDE awake, too.
Wish us a happy morning...and a fun day.
I will update...although after tomorrow, I doubt we will
have problems falling asleep.

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