Tuesday, September 14, 2010

another first day

Today was the day she's been waiting for.
Molly started pre-school at St. Paul's today with Nana.
My baby.
It's emotional enough because I taught at St. Paul's before I got my credential.
And, I met the family I was a nanny for at St. Paul's.
And, my aunt is the director there.
And, I met the friend who would later introduce me to my husband, at St. Paul's.

You see what I mean?

But, Molly was SO ready for this!
Waiting for the bell.
The big yellow slide.
Painting with water.
Exploring how things work.
Saying a quick prayer before snack.
Painting a picture for the fridge.
A wonderful first day. Tuesdays just may be her favorite day of the week.
And, just for fun...look who had HIS first day of St. Paul's 5 years ago...


Nana Janet said...

Molly was so busy at the "top" of the outdoor play area that we didn't even make it NEAR Jack's favorite part - the trolley. She had a great time and I'm pretty sure that most of the other 9 kidlets (and their moms) did, too. Because she and I have visited Joyce there before, when school wasn't in session, I think the biggest surprise was seeing all the other kids; she's definitely going to have a great year...just like Jack did!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Miss Molly! It looks like you have a very fun preschool!

babyinwaiting said...

she's going to have an awesome year! what a fun place to start an education (i may be a little biased considering how much time we used to spend there!) ;)

The Liconas said...

What a wonderful day and experience for Miss Molly! I was so proud and excited for her as I read this. When I first met you, Jack was at St. Paul's. Nana Janet, you are the best for taking both of them there!!!

JDiLuigi said...

What a great thing to do with Nana:) Looks like an awesome place! Molly looks like a natural student.

Malia said...

That looks like my kind of preschool. Lots of open-ended things to encourage active exploration. What fun for Molly!!

angie said...

jack looks so much younger than molly!!! was he the same age she is right now?