Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking notes

So, Jack has an iPod.
And apparently has self taught himself how to use the "notes" app.
He has over 15 notes stored in there.
Here are a few, copied as they were typed,by my 7 year old. On his iPod....

- Pandas are cute and awesome.
- I like the pool.
- Argo is cool. (side note, Argo is the police dog in the family)
- I love legos.
- Shamu is cool.
- Curse you Perry the platypus!!! ( from Phineas and Ferb)
- One day I went to Zoomarz and I met this cute brown bunny. We were best friends. But when I had to leave I said goodbye. I got sad. But I still remember him. The end
- I have the wampa cave ( star wars Lego set)
- I like movies.
- i love red birds.
- I have a panda web kin.
- Brownie is so cute.

But, the most impressive? The entire theme song to Phineas and Ferb.
Seriously, google it. It's so long, even I don't want to type it!

I loved finding these little notes...I just love this kid!


The Liconas said...

Me too!! He is unique and awesome and funny as hell!!

Susie said...

As a result of this discovery of yours, I had to sing the Phineas and Ferb theme song in the middle of Ruby's to prove to Jacob and Steve that I knew all the words, too!

Mel said...

Yeah, Mom for getting him an iPod :) You will not regret it...

... and those notes are fantastic! He is such a funny guy. It's a little peep-hole window into what Jack cares about at this point in his life.

Malia said...

It I was as cool as Jack and had a iPod list, it would look like this:
- Jack is super cool.
- Jack is funny.
- Pandas really are cute and awesome. I think so and Elliot thinks so.