Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hard to Believe...

...that 3 years ago, she was this tiny.
Molly had a wonderful birthday.
She is very proud to be 3.
I made her green alien cupcakes for her special day.

They had another wonderful party for her at daycare.
And we had a special dinner at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland.

This silly little girl has been a challenge and a joy the last 3 years.
She is smart and goofy, dramatic and sweet.
She loves to eat. She loves to sing. She loves to irritate her brother.
She's pretty much sleeping through the night.
She's starting to show some interest in using the potty.
She loves preschool.
She is in a serious Toy Story phase right now.
She makes us all laugh, everyday.
Happy Birthday, baby girl!


JDiLuigi said...

Happy Birthday again Molly! We can't wait to celebrate later in the month!

The Liconas said...

Happy birthday, future daughter-in-law!

jane said...

awww, that first picture is precious. that really shows how everyone always tells you "they grow up so fast"!

happy birthday, molly!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday big girl. You are one of the sweetest, silliest girls we know :).

Ana said...

Happy Birthday Molly!

Sara, those cupcakes are amazing. You're becoming quite the pro (last years were awesome too).