Thursday, January 20, 2011

Molly and Nana's Adventures, Part 1 and 2

Molly and Nana have been busy!
Last week, they made a big pot of soup together.
Molly tasted all the veggies, including the onions.
She said they were "tasty".

Adding celery, like the Wonder Pets :)
This week, Molly didn't have class at preschool.
So, they headed to the Santa Ana Zoo.

It's the perfect little field trip for them.
Molly retold the whole day's details when I got home.
She added "and finally" to every sentence.
" We went to the zoo, and finally, we saw monkeys.
Finally, we went on the train and the merry go round.
Finally we got a panda and pencils for my Jack"...
Thanks, Nana, for the fun days!


JDiLuigi said...

Priceless! Molly is so lucky to have this time with Nana:) I love how Molly says, "my Jack"!

The Liconas said...

How great these memories are for Molly, Nana, and for you to see between them!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Now I'm really feeling the pressure to come up with another fun outing with my girl. I'm sure we'll think of something! One thing is for sure, though - there's NEVER a dull moment with that silly, silly girl.

NanaJanet said...

oops; that was from me!

Jennifer said...

There's nothing better than quality time spent with Nana ;).