Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am working on scanning LOTS of old pictures for Papa Red's memorial.
I am having fun looking back on so many memories.
I found these 4 pictures...and had to share them.

Way back when I was in 3rd grade, all I wanted was a Cabbage Patch Doll.
But, they had just come out, and there were wait lists and they were VERY hard to find.
This is me. After all the gifts had been opened at my grandparents house.
Could I look any sadder?

My Grandpa Purple waited a few minutes and then sent me to
the back bedroom, for one more present for Papa Red.
I remember that moment like it was yesterday.

And I still have that doll.


mom said...

Next time you see Auntie Kathy be sure to thank her for your CPK. She's the one who hooked grandma up with it. The guy who delivered it to her house said, "If I had known what was in that box you would never have received it."

Karen said...

Hey Sara...I have a Cabbage Patch doll too! Her name is Ernesta Angeline. Still have her, and the box too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that Christmas, too. Probably the only I time I wanted our gifts to end, so you could get this one!

The Ninofrancos said...

What a special memory! I hope our kids have have memories like we did.

Merideth said...

Oh, I LOVE this post!

mel said...

I remember wanting one too. That was back when mothers were getting into fights at toy stores for them...