Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bella's Birthday Bash

We had a wonderful day yesterday.
Lots of people. Lots of smiles. Lots of laughing.
Lots of love.
Sweet Bella, Happy Birthday.

To those of you that donated to PUCK, donated at the event, or came to celebrate...
Thank you.


The Paines said...

That is so beautiful Sara! It looks like a a lot of amazing planning went into creating an incredible day.

yardsaleprincess1 said...

Sara, if we were face to face right now I wouldn't even be able to speak around the lump in my throat. That was so beautiful. I love the picture of Angelique's big baby belly and the releasing butterfly...sobs! I hope you got my card in time to have it for the Ringgolds and Bella's Birthday Bash. We would have like to attend but Sarah was at her competition! It was so beautifully put together! Hugs!
Le Anne