Thursday, May 5, 2011

36...and 600??!

What better to way to celebrate 36 years

than to take a little stroll down memory lane.

(This is also my 600th post!!)

(about 1 here)

(and 2 years old here)

(and about 4 here)

(5 years old)

(7 ish?)


(4th grade..)

(6th grade. I know. Sweet costume, right?)

(7th stylin'...gotta love all those bracelets!
This was in Michigan. Why my grandmother took my picture in the restroom is a mystery!)

(8th grade graduation party..)

(senior year...winter formal. I really did have a date...really.
But, they were trying out this "new" background and wanted single pictures. Really.)

(1996- my parents still have that kitty!)


(Brazil- 13 years ago!)

(our dating stage!)

(pregnant with Molly)

(meeting McDreamy, 2008)

Good times, eh?
So, if you've been around since the first picture, or the last,
I thank you for making my 36 years full of good times.
I feel so blessed!


yardsaleprincess1 said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! Where do I start? How about the fact that I got a bit confused with a few pictures!!!! Seriously! I thought I was looking at one of your kids!!!! And that one in 7th grade...I had that shirt in pink...I swear! Haaa haaa. Have a great birthday and congrats on 600 posts!

The Paines said...

What a fun post!! Love those old photos. Now I know where you get your photography from- your mom! Happy Birthday- you just keep getting cutter!

Ana said...

Happy Birthday! Loved seeing all these old photos. I was cracking up over your winter formal comment.

mel said...

You are so cute!

I recognize all of those hair styles... I had them and worse...

Now Molly knows what she's going to look like :)