Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great Lakes Science Center

One of the places our kids love to go in Ohio is
The Great Lakes Science Center.
They have cool stuff indoors and a cool play area outside as well.

Jack's favorite is a giant ball pit,
with a machine that drops the balls on your head
as you wait below.
The view is pretty cool...
The Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame is next door.
The weather got a bit intimidating,
so we stayed inside most of the time.
(It's really hard to photograph lightning, by the way!
I stood out there for a LONG time!)

They have a cool little gift shop,
Molly tried on ALL the glasses that they had.

It's always fun to watch the kids re-discover the same exhibits.
It's a fun tradition!

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The Liconas said...

These are so great! Love how Molly was channeling Elton John with those glasses. It is so neat that you get to visit the same cool places each year and the kids get so much out of it over and over.