Monday, August 29, 2011


"Why do we always take a picture on the first day of school?"
My THIRD grader asked this morning.

Because, dear Jack, we want to remember that day...
It goes by so quickly.
And while you look back and think about
your backpack choice for each year,
Mom and Dad think about how much you are growing.
I think third grade will be lots of fun for you.
You have another great class, full of lots of great kids.
Today, your report back to me about the first day was positive:
"We didn't do any multiplication OR division...we learned about the rules...
we learned about expanded form...I tried to find all my old friends at recess.."

You are happy.
I am happy.

I saw you today, twice, as I was running around campus getting stuff
for my Kinders ready.
I saw you twice, and each time, you ran up to hug me.
I am so thankful for those little visits,
and wonder how long they will last.
When you are a 4th grader, will you still blow me a kiss across the playground?
When you are a 5th grader, will you still want a note in your lunchbox?

I know, that's a long time away...but, weren't you just starting second grade?
Or first grade?
I still remember your first day of Kindergarten!

This is why we take a picture on the first day of school.
Have a great year, Jack.
We are proud of you!


babyinwaiting said...

I love that he's too big is sit under the sign year you'll have to move him over!

The Ninofrancos said...

What great memories! I think I walked up behind you while you were taking this picture today. I hope your day was as successful.

The Liconas said...

Yay for Jack!!!!!!

Malia said...

So sweet!!