Monday, August 15, 2011

where the wild things are...

While in Ohio, we went with our friends,
the Sladkys, to the African Safari Park.
The kids got to ride a camel...

and "win" a free ice cream for traveling the farthest distance to get there.
We met a really big snake, named Frank.
(I love Molly's expression in this picture!)
Then, we got ready to drive thru the zoo.
Yep, drive.
We had NO idea what was in store for us.
Molly was cool and calm.
Oh...hello, deer.
Hello, llama.
Time to roll down the windows...
As soon as we did, crazy things happened...
The kids could hardly believe it.

When this guy approached, my window was up.
But, Molly's was down.
She was cool with it though.
She's my animal loving girl!
(This bison is drooling all over her...and she looks like it happens all the big deal!)
Jack was not as enthusiastic as Molly.
Ken was the most surprised, I think!
Then, this guy shows up, and we all sort of panic a bit.
We heard his horns up against the rental car...
Jack said "Not our car. Not our problem!"
The kids did feed him.
Better to keep an animal that large happy.
These were the sweetest friends we made :)

By the time we got to the giraffes, they were not hungry...
But they were still cool to look at!
This may be a new Ohio tradition.
What an exciting day!

More Ohio pics to know I took a gazillion more!


mel said...

omg - that looks awesome!!

Great photo taking, Mom... I would have been too shocked to grab those shots! They should be up on your walls...

JDiLuigi said...

Wow - that was very natural. You are right, Molly looked like it was an everyday thing to have a huge animal stick its head in the car!!! Cool experience:)

mel said...

The only thing is... why does it look odd to me to see a camel on grass?? I think you need to photoshop in a few sand dunes ;)

The Paines said...

That is WILD!! The animals hardly look real. Love it!!