Sunday, October 16, 2011


We had another wonderful walk today.
Team Bella walked through Disneyland with our fabulous socks.
Together we raised over $1,000 in Bella's name.
So wonderful to honor her again.

This was the sign outside the Little Miss Matched sock store at Downtown Disney.
How perfect for Team Bella!
Front of our sign, and our fabulous sock shot!
Back of our sign...I just couldn't use last years...had to make a new one!
Team Bella at the castle!
(see the fairy godmothers in the back? so cute!)
meeting Stormtroopers
Phineas and Ferb!
The cheerleaders cheered us on at the end of the walk.

Whether you walked with us, or donated...
Thank you.
And next year, please consider joining our team.
There is something very inspiring about being there...

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jane said...

awesome! and i love the pic with the fairy godmothers in the back. but my fave is the one with the socks and your sign. :)