Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We got home on Monday afternoon,
after a great trip to Ohio for niece Meghan's wedding!
(More pictures of that later!)
Came home, carved pumpkins, ordered pizza, got dressed,
and went out for some trick or treating!
Jack really wanted Angry Bird jack-o-lanterns.
Molly designed the one on the right.

Jack's costume is from Bakugan. It's a dragon of some sort.
Molly INSISTED on being SuperWhy!

She also insisted on NOT wearing the mask to trick or treat.
I insisted on at least ONE picture with it on.

The kids had a good time,
but, we really tired after flying home.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


jane said...

your jack-o-lanterns are pretty awesome... i LOVE molly's design! :)

Licona Jewelers said...

so so cute...I love their energy after traveling for 24 hours straight!