Monday, February 13, 2012

long weekend fun

We went to Farrell's on Saturday to celebrate Jacob's birthday.
Molly asked the balloon guy for a Hello Kitty.
He made this bracelet for her.
She was thrilled!
Jack asked for a snake!
I can't believe this kid is 14...
I remember CLEARLY the day I became an aunt.
Tonight, we celebrated an early Valentine's Day with our friends,
at a playdate and dinner at Mia's house!
We had a yummy dinner, made a fun craft,
and decorated cupcakes!
(and took out every toy in the house)

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JDiLuigi said...

Looks like a fantastic dinner. Can you just picture all the kiddos sitting around a table when they are older? So cute. I like Molly's cupcake and the pics with the 3 girls. I am glad you all had fun:)