Monday, August 27, 2012


Seems like I blinked...and the next thing I knew
I was watching Jack wait outside the door of his 4th grade classroom.
Last night, he had a few nervous tears,
but tonight told me:
"if you see me crying tonight, it's tears of joy...I'm excited for tomorrow".

He's different this year.
More confident.
But just as enthusiastic.

And, as tradition, he let me take his picture by the school sign.
Deciding this year, to stand instead of sit.
Maybe it's a 4th grade thing.

Ken was super excited because this was the first time he was off on Jack's first day! So they had a special breakfast together, and Ken dropped him off in the morning.

Jack was really happy to be back to school, with his two wonderful teachers and his best buddies.

I really think he's going to have a great year!
For a can see the previous first days HERE.


jane said...

wow! in my mind, i still see him as the kindergartner (who sat) and was in my sister's class. :) she still has that pic of him, btw. :)

The Paines said...

Such a good looking kid!! It is fun to see the first day photos through the year. Go Richman! Go Coopers!!