Monday, December 24, 2012

Jack's Christmas song

Jack had a writing assignment about Christmas.
He decided to write a song...
SO thankful for his teacher for making me a copy...

Christmas time is here, there's a tingle in the air.
I sat on a park bench and froze my dairy air.

We're all hanging stockings..OMG it's snowing?!
Santa's bringing tons of loot, we got the Christmas spirit blowing.

It's the time of year we try to drop the negativity,
I just dropped a glitter bomb to make the town more Christmas-y.

Christmas time can he so hectic, shopping malls can be so rough,
But the best part about the holidays is that you get new stuff.

I got sick on Halloween,
New Year's was an awful scene.

Thanksgiving was food galore,
Christmas, Christmas we want more!

Music by the fireplace,
I am going to stuff my face.

Punch the clock and close the schools,
That's the reason Christmas rules.

All the buildings look like igloos, white majestic winter castles.
We can wear our Christmas sweaters, some with red and green tassels.

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