Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yesterday was a big day for our house.
First, Kindergarten Awards…
Molly got her 4th and 5th award for the year..

 Molly and Salvatore share the stage :)
 Later that evening, we went to the local middle school for 
The Young Writers Guild program.
Jack's class has been participating in this all year, working with community mentors
on their own writing. 
Writing has always been a big interest of Jack's and it's been amazing to 
watch him grow as a writer.

 Jack and his classmates..
 The kids had to read their "hero" essay to us at our table.
Jack wrote about cousin Trevor.
(and did an awesome job)
 Before the kids started to read, our superintendent gave a little speech about the program.
He essentially told us…
Parents, you should be very proud. Your kids see heroes within their own families.
They wrote about moms, dads…and "cousin Trevors"…and then said…
"Jack…where are you, Jack??"
Basically in a room full of kids…he got a shout out from the superintendent.
Jack was pretty surprised!
(as I type this, I realize I should share his essay, so it'll be at the end of this post)

 Shaking hands and getting his certificate.

 Thanks to Nana for coming to celebrate...
We are so incredibly proud of our kids.
So thankful and blessed that they do their best in school…

Here is Jack's essay:

     A hero is someone who helps others.  They have a passion to inspire us and do great things.  Sometimes they serve our nation, create things, or write books.  My hero is my cousin, Trevor.  There are three reasons why Trevor is my hero: (1) He’s committed to his job, (2) He cares about his family, and (3) He has the best partner, his police dog Argo,  to help him out.
    The first reason why Trevor is so inspirational is he’s committed to his job.   He’s helped citizens in Orange, California for years.  He’s one person who takes his responsibility seriously.  For example, he once caught a thief trying to steal a car.  From that, I learned a little determination goes a long way.  The second reason why Trevor is so inspiring is because he puts his family first.  For instance, he always comes to Thanksgiving dinner and to other family gatherings.  That proves he cares about his family more than his job.   And that is enough to prove to me he really cares about us. He’s got a golden heart as big as a Super Bowl Stadium.The third and final reason why Trevor is one of my heroes is because his police dog Argo is always there for him when he needs him most.  For example, there was a police dog show and Trevor and Argo did the best they could.  They were like soldiers, fighting to the end and not giving up.   Trevor helped Argo, Argo helped Trevor, thick and thin, through it all.  They're always on the bad guys’ back.  That one show taught me what loyalty is all about: trust.
    Heroes strive to make the world a better place.  They teach us to never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.  Trevor inspires me to follow my greatest dream, becoming the greatest Lego set designer.  I’m very thankful to have such an amazing cousin like Trevor.

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char'smom said...

Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. I loved Jack's essay. Thanks for sharing it.