Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This past Sunday, we went to the fair for our weekly Sunday Family Dinner.
The food IS fun there, but we really went to see Trevor and Argo at
the Police and K9 Exhibition Show.

Molly met some dogs before the show.

And enjoyed some corn, while relaxing on Nana.
(what a life, right?)

The cousins waited patiently.
I ADORE this picture. I only took one, and it was perfect!

Finally, it was time for Trevor and Argo!

We visited after the show...

And eventually got to spend some time with an awesome dog!

We love the fair...and it was awesome to be able to see our favorite officer and his K9 partner in action!


Malia said...

Fun! It seems like you know this particular officer... like you have a special "in" or something. True?

Susie said...

He's our cousin, yay! Technically he's our cousin's husband, but it's all "cousins" in our family. ;)

Malia said...

Oooh, that does make it extra-special fun, then! :)