Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic Con

We braved the crowd of crazies at Comic Con over the weekend.

Jack liked the LEGO area, obviously.
Molly even did her own building.

The kids played at the Clash of the Titans training area...
I mean, look at the grip she has on that guy!
Jack met some ugly dolls...
And some other interesting characters.
Of course, anything Star Wars is a bonus. And LEGO Star Wars? That's icing on the cake.
I was thrilled...to see these guys. I seriously adore the Big Bang Theory.
I spent lots of time in line to see these guys. Did you also know that my favorite band,
the BareNaked Ladies sing the theme song to the show? Imagine how thrilled I was, when they came out to sing the song at the beginning of the panel discussion!
Yes, my inner geek was so, so happy!
Standing in line, gave me PLENTY opportunity to take lots of pictures as I did some serious people watching. I didn't want to post all the pictures I took of the freaks at Comic Con.
So, I chose just one. One gem that sums in all up.

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Mel said...

I was hoping that one of The Incredibles was you...