Sunday, July 4, 2010

the 4th...and the 500th!

We celebrated the 4th at my mom and dads house. With my sister and her family traveling to Hong Kong, it was a quiet and low key day.
Happy 4th of July, everyone!
(I found that if you give your kids a big holiday themed cookie, you are more likely to get a decent picture!)

I am also celebrating the 500th!
This is my blog's 500th post!
Seems like a reason to celebrate, right?
And what would a celebration be without a present?
SO, after 500 posts, I am hosting my first give-away!
The prize will be YOUR choice from my
favorite jewelry-maker, blogging mommy and photographer.
Here are my favorites from The Rusted Chain:

So, since it's my blog, here are my rules:
1- go to The Rusted Chain and pick your favorite piece
2- think about your favorite blog posts on MY blog
3- leave me a comment, telling me both your favorite jewelry
and your favorite post
Easy, right?

Now, I know, choosing one favorite out of 500 could be tricky.
So, I am going to help you out.
I went back and did a quick re-read and here are some of my favorites.
I was going to do a top ten, but couldn't narrow it down!
- introducing Molly
-Jack's preschool graduation where he really rocked!
- where I got caught "cheating"
- the Spin Brush mascara commercial
- Mom's Night Out

- Molly's blankets
- Molly catches a duck
- Mother's Day
-Kinder graduation
-The Naughty Files
- ice cream like a Grown up
- My first fingerprint Friday
- Molly asleep at dinner
-Thankful for: family
- Christmas memories
-rainy day
- Mr. Lincoln
- my tiny best friends
-Mother's Day '10

Your turn!
Tell me YOUR favorite post
(I can't wait to read which posts you liked best!)
and the jewelry you would like to win!
I will pick a random winner next Sunday!
Thanks for reading, by the way...


The Ninofrancos said...

I looked through all of them, but my favorite is still the bird necklace (soar), for obvious, owl-related reasons.

I didn't look at your list of favorite blog posts, because I didn't want to cheat. Was Jack's mascara commercial on it? I'll go back after I post this. That was by far the funniest and most memorable to me! It's when I first started reading regularly!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea. You are so creative as usual. I love the blessed necklace because i feel so blessed to have such a great family and wonderful friends.

Darn Ivy posted before me. Before I even saw your list I thought of Jack's mascara commercial. It is so funny and so Jack. I still think you should enter it in AFHV.

Merideth said...

Fun! I love the blessed necklace!
As for my favorite post, it's hard to pick, for sure, but the one that stands out the most in my mind is the first kite flying day, where the weather wasn't perfect and the sky was super dramatic. I don't remember the title of that post, but I remember a picture of both kids standing together that was just beautiful and so sweet. Congrats on the 500th post!

Malia said...

Well this certainly is fun!! What a great idea, Sara. And congratulations on keeping your blog alive this long. It is hard and fun work!

So I haven't been reading your blog since its beginning, but early on in my learning about it you posted the pics of Molly under the toilet with her blanket from her Grandma Pearl. OH MY GOD. So cute. I have talked about that image many times since then. It's formative in my cyber-relationship with Molly :)

As for my favorite Rusted Chain... i love her hand-stamped designs. So classic and fun. I've always wanted a necklace with Elliot's name. I think I would choose her Family necklace, except that I would ask if she could leave off the word family (I like the simplicity of just her tree design) and have Elliot's name stamped on the second disk.

Again, congrats on your 500th!!


The Paines said...

Wow- 500 blogs!! Great work! You really are an inspiration to me of a person who truly enjoys their kids. I've enjoyed your funny, cute, and tear- jerking blogs. The Naughty Files may be one of my favorite just because it makes me feel so much better about my own toddler (:
I love the "In Christ Alone" necklace. Thanks for introducing me to this website, I bought a necklace from my friend from the Rusted Chain and she loved it.

jane said...

ok... immediately, i thought of the two posts that made me laugh out loud. the kind that makes you actually say, "hahahaha". like literally, i am "lol"-ing. the laughter that is uncontrollable. so, i couldn't pick just one. i had to choose two.

those two posts would be
(1) "grown up", with one of my favorite quotes from jack, "mom. i just want to eat my ice cream like a man."
(2) "cheaters never win", with my other favorite quote from jack, "mom. that sounds like cheating to me."

my fave rusted chain necklace is the one that reads "love gives me hope." that one has many meanings that are special. but mostly because LOVE (God) gave me HOPE (isabelle's middle name).

Mel said...


I love your sense of humor, and reading Jack's hilarious quotes. I can't help but be drawn to "grown up" where he says, "I just want to eat ice cream like a man." It makes me wonder what is going on in our little guys' minds? There are things we, as women, will never know...

But what I love most about you is your heart. The way you love your children comes out in all 500 posts, but what is truly remarkable about you is how you love people outside of your family.

Your compassion for strangers is what brought you to me. It makes me tear up every time I think about it. I am so grateful that Reece and I are now your friends, and have been brought into this wonderful circle of teachers.

Your Thankful: Part 2 post is about how you love your friends. What I know is that your heart reaches out and turns strangers into friends.

Maybe, to you, this is so natural that it doesn't seem unusual, but it is. Many people feel sad for others, but few reach out and do something powerful like you've done for us.

I like Let love grow, but the necklace should be for you!


Renee said...

One of my fave posts would be on being a mom....I guess it's b/c I am a mom,too so I just love looking back at family photos.My fave piece of jewelry is the family monogram necklace...again,family is close to my heart and I have wanted a necklace with all of our names on it for so long so I can always have them with me wherever I go,so I hope I can win this lovely necklace.