Monday, February 16, 2009

Mom's Night Confession

Dear Ken,
I know what you are thinking. 3 hours? Really? It takes 3 hours to eat dinner? I have a confession to make. We ate our dinner in probably 40 minutes. BUT, my monthly mom outings are about so much more than eating dinner. In those 3 hours, I did not have to worry about Goldfish crackers, highchairs, and whether or not they have a kids' menu. In those 3 hours, I didn't have to have crayons at the table, boardbooks in my purse, or extra Nintendo DS games. In those 3 hours, I didn't have to clean noodles off the floor, ask for extra saltine crackers, or use my cell phone as a distraction. Nope. Not tonight.
Those 3 hours were about me and my wonderful friends. In those 3 hours we laughed, and cried, and talked, and smiled. We compared notes, we talked about sleepless nights, the Wiggles, tv shows, our jobs...
I know, it's a girl thing. I know you don't get how we can sit for 3 hours...but we can. And I am so thankful for these women, and so thankful for every hour I can spend with them.
And, to my dear girlfriends, I know you know how it feels. I also know, that deep down, the best feeling is coming home, to babies in cozy footed pajamas.
So, thanks for a very much needed my best mommy friends, and my wonderful husband. Can we do it every month??

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Sharon said...

Oh Sara, you brought tears to my eyes!! I wish every Daddy on earth could read what you just wrote and how MUCH it means to a Mommy to be able to get out and away for a bit!

You have such a wonderful way of expressing all the different events/occasions and happenings.

I also LOVED the photos of "Missy M" and the toilet paper caper!! Oh! The looks are just priceless. Must make it a tad difficult to scold her :)

Thanks for the fun you provide here!

Sharon Dodge