Tuesday, February 10, 2009

monthly reminder

I feel like a broken record. I say this every month
Molly and I have playdates every month with friends.
It is an amazing few hours, as we are in awe of our babies and how much they have grown!
For me, it's a constant reminder of how lucky I am.
Lucky to have healthy, beautiful, and happy kids.
Lucky to have wonderful, supportive, and strong girlfriends to talk to and raise them with.
just a few of the crew...when did Molly get so big?!I love Molly's expression on this one!
same babies...one year ago!


Merideth said...

Wow! I LOVE the second photo of Molly. She's becoming such a little beauty! :)

Jennifer said...

I am sooo sad I missed the playdate. Darn mmr reaction. I am looking forward to a baby-free mommy playdat Monday nigh though :).