Wednesday, February 4, 2009

career opportunities

This story has two parts:
Part One:
Apparently, Jack told his teacher that when he grows up,
he wants to be a Kindergarten teacher.
Now, as his mom AND a Kindergarten teacher,
this made my day.
"He wants to be like me", I thought.
I was wrong.
Apparently, he wants to be a Kindergarten teacher
"it looks pretty easy".
Part Two:
Today, our wonderful cafeteria lady was telling me how funny Jack is when he goes through the line to buy his milk.
She says, "Thank you, Jack"
and he replies,
"No, thank YOU".
This is their routine.
If she is busy, he tells her,
"it's o.k. Take your time. I will wait".
I told him later that I was proud
that he uses such good manners
when he gets milk.
"It's an important job, Mom.
When I grow up, I think I will
be a lunch lady, too".
At least he has some options!


Mel said...

I love these stories...

Ana said...

Jack is such a character! I love his sincerity! Everything is so well thought out.

Jennifer said...

That is too funny. All these stories will be so funny to tell him some day. ps. I love the good manners that's more than I can say for most of my first graders.