Friday, February 27, 2009

you knew she could climb...

...but did you know she can dance?
on the table?
Look at this face...
it's like she's telling me,
"Lighten up, Mom. It's only dancing on the table. Geez.
I can't do anything fun anymore".
Of course, I got it on video, too.

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Sharon said...

Oh that little doll face!!! Totally oblivious to the fact that Mom is using the video camera. You dress her so darling Sara!

Mel said...

Is she wearing high top shoes and stretch pants?

Did mom grow up in the 80s?

You do dress her very cute - I'm just teasing and jealous because girl clothes are so much cuter than boy clothes


JDiLuigi said...

I love how she is still dancing even when she is crouched! Watch our Beyounce! So cute. And, I agree, her outfit is really cute.

Jennifer said...

That is too cute. Is she rockin it out to Jack"s Big Music Show?