Sunday, May 10, 2009

on being a mom...

Some of my favorite things about motherhood...
(in no particular order)

meeting my babies for the first time

doing special and creative art projects

seeing my husband with our kids

watching them discover their new found bravery

celebrating first birthdays...and every birthday after

never knowing what they will do next

watching their confidence grow

handmade dresses from Nana

reliving memories of my own childhood
handmade treasures

working in the kitchen

seeing my kids together
hotel bubble baths

watching them face their fears

passing on my childhood traditions

watching them embrace a passion for things

seeing them experience true wonder

quiet times

an excuse for ice cream

bathtime at home

the first days of school

being strong when they get hurt
There are many more reasons why I love being a mom..
too many to list here.
Happy Mother's Day!

one more thing...getting a fantastic shot of both kids!


Mel said...

Happy Mothers Day!
You are a model mom :)

Merideth said...

Sara - your mom MADE that Christmas dress for Molly?? Please tell her how impressed I am. That is truly the cutest little outfit ever. :)
Glad you had a great Mother's Day.

The Paines said...

What a great blog! You could publish that into a book. How wonderful that your savor these moments as a mom, a great reminder to us all. Happy Mother's Day!