Sunday, May 31, 2009

park day!

Today we went to a "new" park. New for the kids, but not for me.
I spent lots of time at TeWinkle Park as a kid.

We were so happy to spend time with Reece,
although all 3 kids are at such different "stages"
in their playground play,
it was hard to have some
Mommy chat time.
So, we tried to catch up while feeding the ducks.
But this was the only picture of 2 out of 3 kids
that I could really get!
Molly, of course, was confident in her duck
catching skills...but didn't catch any today.

and Molly and Reece share the same bread eating
For those interested in a fantastic park finding
resource, click HERE.
It is a great site, that allows you to search by city.
It has pictures of all the equipment as well as
a list of pros and cons to each park.
It's one of my summer goals to go to
as many "new" parks as we can!


Mel said...

Ditto re mommy chatting time! Trailing after wee ones makes it difficult to carry on a conversation.

You got some great photos.

I think I saw Jack eating the duck bread, too...?

Thank you for a great park date!

The Paines said...

I love the photo of Jack with the bubble. You are a good photographer!