Thursday, May 14, 2009

how he rolls...

Jack was living the life of luxury today.
Because he sold enough fundraiser items,
he got to go on a limousine and out to lunch.
And because the son of our PTA president
is in my Kindergarten class,
I got to go, too!
nice ride, eh?
The light up floor and ceiling that
changed color was the most exciting.
This is this life.
Laughing with friends in a limo!
(Did I mention that I was a senior before
I had been in a limo?!)
The final destination was the
Old Spaghetti Factory,
where food is more fun to eat
with your fingers.


elkamina6 said...

I didn't know you got to go too! What a nice perk! PS-I've still never ridden in a limo!!

Susie said...

My first limo ride was when I was 35ish! Jack has me beat!