Sunday, May 3, 2009

one day, I will be this good

With all the kids' books out there,
it can be overwhelming to find the
really good ones...
So, let me help you....
Little Pea is about a pea family.
The baby veggie doesn't like to
eat candy...
In Little Hoot the owl parents
force their baby owl to stay up late,
and he wants to go to bed early.And, in the newest book, Litte Oink,
the littlest swine doesn't like to
make a mess or be dirty, but
his pig parents make him do so before
he can go play.
I don't know anything about this
author/illustrator duo...
only that I want to write books like this.
One day.


JDiLuigi said...

I would like to write a children's book one day too:) Maybe it is a teacher thing?

elkamina6 said...

Oh me too!!!! I'm tired of thinking, "I wish I'd thought of that." Come on inspiration!!