Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

We spent a wonderful afternoon with friends today.
The weather was just right for introducing Molly
to the craziest water play idea ever.
The slip and slide.

Of course, throwing your body on the ground
and sliding 6 feet only sounds fun
if you are under the age of 12.
Jack is pretty intimidating with the super soaker,
especially with his tongue out.
That's serious concentration. Memorial Day leads into a new holiday at our house.
Didn't you know...May 26th is Jack's special holiday?
I have NO idea what that means.

I will let you know tomorrow.


Ivy and John said...

What was the special holiday?

Sara said...

The special holiday was nothing really...we did have to make a special crown (because "I can't wear the regular one, that one is for birthdays"...duh, right?)
We did get ice cream on the way home....simple things, I guess.