Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

The first graders at our school put on a Presidents' Day Program.
Jack was a very proud Abraham Lincoln.

(it's hard work, you know)

(My mom made the costume, of course!)

Everyone did a wonderful job, but we think this president was the cutest!
Later, we were out to dinner, and Jack had a quarter.
And he asked for a penny.
And then, he asked the couple at our table if they wanted to hear a song, called
"Do you know who is on the penny?".
They said sure...and so, Jack sang it to them :)


The Ninofrancos said...

By the time I discovered there was a sign up to see the show, there were no spots left. I'm sure Jack was great!

Andrea said...

No way! That beard is priceless! And he looks so proud. Love the pic of you with the kiddos. Beautiful!

Andrea said...

Oops, that comment is from Malia--i just happen to be on Andrea's computer :)

Susie said...

So, was anyone jealous? ;-)