Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am feeling sentimental today.
I miss some wonderful friends who used to share their talents with me and
our Kindergarten students.
Sometimes, finding SIMPLE everyday things like these make me smile...and sometimes they make me a little sad...
I know this post won't "mean" anything to most of you. Sorry.
But for those of you that do "get it"...ever have those days?


elkamina6 said...

this made me teary eyed! i miss being up there with you everyday more that i can even say!

Sara said...

I know, Ana...
your babies are lucky to have you home, but I selfishly wish you were still teaching with me :)

(who knew those damn Do A Dots would make us so sentimental!!)

Shalimar and David said...

OH, I totally understand! We were lucky to work with those great girls, and I am sure that we will again in the future. But finding that stuff unexpectedly brings on a smile and tears.

JDiLuigi said...

It was truly Richman's loss when those two left!

angie said...

sara, you make me smile. love you too.

that was so sweet!