Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 minutes of silly

I realize most of you aren't going to watch all of these clips.
Its mostly for grandparents.
But, Molly is quite the character...and here is some proof.

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Shalimar and David said...

These were darling! I love her sweet voice! Classic kid move to stick one foot way up on the coffee table while singing and staring at the TV! What goes through their heads?:)

NanaJanet said...

Miss Molly really IS a character. Today I dragged the vacuum cleaner upstairs but couldn't interest her in joining me while I ran it around. So every few minutes I'd sneak down a few stairs and peek to see what she was doing. At one point she had thrown all the balls from the 'ball basket' around the living room and put it inside the laundry basket (waiting for her clothes to come out of the dryer). She was sitting inside both of them while watching Little Einsteins. She was so engrossed in the DVD that she never noticed me watching her. Never a dull moment!