Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was reminded.
I didn't remember on my own.

10 years ago, Ken and I took my sister to the airport.
I was so happy because we were going to Benihana after we dropped her off.
(you know, I love that place, right?)
Anyway, for some reason, Ken convinced me to kill some time,
and we went to the top of the parking structure to watch the planes.

It was there, that he pulled out my grandmother's engagement ring.
I don't remember the exact words, but I remember feeling shocked, and excited, and happy.

A few minutes later, when he decided we should go eat, I headed back to the car.
But, that was not the plan.
I was handed a plane ticket.
We were going to San Francisco!

Now, the woman in me started to panic...I had no make-up, no toothbrush. No clothes.
I wasn't prepared for this!
My fiance assured me, everything was fine.

We arrived, and I claimed my suitcase. Filled with clothes and make-up and everything I could've ever needed.
It was as if I had packed myself, for a trip I had known about...

We spent the weekend in SF, making memories...and wedding plans.

10 years? Time flies.

(insert family picture of us out to dinner)

We were going to go out to celebrate...but Molly and I are sick.
So, we ordered in. Not how we planned it, but, just as good.

Thanks, Ken, for always packing, and being what I need.


Jennifer said...

Wow...time does fly. I always love that story. Sorry you guys are sick :(.

elkamina6 said...

What a beautiful memory! Happy Anniversary!

Sharon said...

JUST applied my eye-make-up......going to the bathroom to touch it up now (after reading today's post)!

WHAT a sweet, romantic story for you to keep forever!

I'm wondering ~ who packed for you? Did Ken do that too? He is an amazing man, married to an equally amazing woman.

Sara said...

Ken had bought me all new "stuff" for the weekend...from clothes, to make-up, to toothbrush.

The Ninofrancos said...

Wow- he BOUGHT you all that stuff? I'm not sure John would know what brands or colors to buy when it came to my make up. Happy anniversary! I guess your vows were true... in sickness and in health!

JDiLuigi said...

What a cute story! I love it - and I have never heard it...I guess you guys have always been the traveling kind:)

Susie said...

Hey, what about the part where your sister was waiting at the gate, because we were all on the same flight, Bride Magazine in hand for your in-flight reading material?

Oh, yeah, this story is about Ken. Ten years? Really? ;-)

Karen said...

What a great story, Sara! I never heard it before either! Didn't know Ken was such a romantic! Ron and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary June 19, Disney World with our 3 children!! I remember thinking things couldn't get any better than that!

Ken said...

Karen, how could you say your 10th anniversary at Disney World was better than your extended first at the World Famous Orange County Fair?

angie said...

congrats, sara! what a cute post!