Monday, June 29, 2009

the naughty files

Not THAT kind of naughty. Let me explain...
We had a wonderful family get together last night.
Molly had a good dinner: hot dogs, grapes, strawberries.
But then...she got naughty.

Because she tried to climb out of her chair,and walk on the table

and do some gardening. and then, apparently tried to pet the fish, that was in this bowl.

(the fish survived the trauma, fyi)It got me thinking...

She really IS naughty.

And here is more proof.

From our house.

Of course, I buy the 120 crayon box...
and she can easily reach Jack's desk drawer now...and she likes to use the computer, too...and decorate the furniture

and sit on things that were not meant for sitting.

This post was meant for everyone who doesn't believe me.
This post is NOT for any potential daycare providers.
And, I am sure it will be continued...
probably tomorrow.


Mel said...

Appropriately named post!

My mind is clearly dulled by parenthood, because I fully expected "naughty" to be exactly what you posted.

JDiLuigi said...

I love the pic of Molly on the computer. Maybe you should put that on the bottom (anchor so to speak) of the blog. It looks like she is working on it - she wants to be like mommy:)

Ivy and John said...

Something to look forward to!

The Paines said...

So funny! She and Josiah will get along great. I thought it was a "boy thing" I guess I need to get a new excuse (: