Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Park Review #1

After finding this cool park website, I was determined that my summer would include trips to local parks. I figured it was the cheapest entertainment I could find with both kiddos this summer. Our first official summer park date was Atlantis Play Park in Garden Grove.

I REALLY wanted this to be the best park ever.

But it wasn't...even though it sounds wonderful, it's not that exciting.

It's a very cute, themed park...they have a great dragon slide.

It's just really old.

And needs some love.

There is a sign outside that says "no wax paper". Because the slides are so dull, kids apparently bring wax paper to make them go down faster. You have to practically scoot down the slides, especially the big dragon slide.

The highlight, according to Jack (and Molly would agree if she could talk) was all the wild rabbits roaming around...Molly did try a big kid swing (I did find baby swings eventually) and didn't even fall off!

Molly faced her fears and showed the shark who was boss...

This park, for us, scores a 2.5 out of 5 stars. I would've said a 2, but the rabbits bumped up the score! If anyone has some other parks they want to suggest...or want to visit a new park, let me know. My goal is one new park a week!

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Ivy and John said...

I know Molly loves the ducks... we go to Mason Park in Irvine on University near UCI. It's huge, and has a playground, bike paths, fish in the pond, etc.