Thursday, June 11, 2009

the first (hair) cut is the deepest

It was definitely time.

The calm before the storm.

(notice how long the back of her hair was)

This is the reaction with the first spray of water.
That should've been a sign that things were about to get ugly.
Oh, the drama...
and then, she barfed.
Literally, she made herself sick.

Now, look at the look she gives Ken, who is taking the pictures.
How many grown-ups does it take to cut a 17 month old's hair?
Apparently, 3.
(and yes, the horrible mommy is almost laughing at this point and
notice that we are now standing up)
Hmmm...maybe a lollipop will make it better...
or...maybe not.

but, we survived.
And look at the back!
For now, this is the best picture of the front.
She's still all sweaty from battle, so I will post
a better one later.
She looks so big!


PamperingBeki said...

That is so funny!

She looks adorable.

Nana said...

I was literally holding my breath until I came to the last photo - talk about suspense! NOW if she'll just let us use some of those gazillion adorable clips! What's next - highlights? JK
Have a fun weekend; see you all Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Wow what great photos, Did a professional take them?

Sara said...

I DID give you credit for the pictures...

Mel said...

I wasn't going to say anything... but I did notice the feathering at the back when we were at the park recently. Good move, mom ;)

She looks fantastic! Beauty is worth the suffering... right?

JDiLuigi said...

Wow...I can't believe you did not cry Sara! What a huge step! I don't think I am ready yet. Molly looks sooo cute though:)