Tuesday, September 23, 2008

more thoughts on the future

I am not sure what has sparked all of these thoughts and questions...
(on a side note, Jack had a rough day at school yesterday and my frustration level was high...but, tonight, he made up for it!)
Tonight, Jack asked to see pictures of our wedding...and after looking through them, we had this conversation as he was getting ready for bed:
Jack: Thanks for showing me the pictures from when you were married.
Me: No problem.
Jack: You really looked beautiful.
Me: Thanks.
Jack: When I grow up, will I marry you, too?
Me: No, I will always be your mom,
you can't marry your mom.
Jack: Well, then, I can marry Molly.
Me: Well, not really. You can't marry your
sister either.
Jack:.....(long silence)
Me: You just marry the person who is
your best friend.
Jack: Well, Gavin is my best friend...so,...
Me: Yes, but you would marry a girl.
A girl who is your best friend.
Jack: Well, Molly IS my best friend.
Me: I know. You love your sister. You don't
have to decide who it will be right now.
You still have lots of time.
Jack: O.K...good.....
But, Mom, can I still live here?


JDiLuigi said...

Wow, you have a planner on your hands. I thought my husband was bad with an account for a ring before we ever met! I can't wait to read what his plans are next:)

Jennifer said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Melodie said...

I love this stuff. You are one great mom to inspire him to feel this way.