Sunday, September 21, 2008


Jack: Mom, when I grow up will I be a parent?
Me: Probably.
Jack: Is everyone a parent?
Me: Well, no. Not everyone. Some people don't have any kids.
Jack: Well, then, why did you want one.
Me: Well, I wanted two of them, and I think I got the best ones.
Jack: The best in the whole world?
Me: I think so. Kind of like I got the jackpot.
Jack: Yep. And you even got
the "molly-pot".

Jack: But, Mom. When I am a parent, can I still live with you? Because I would miss everyone like you, and Dad, and Molly. And my telescope. I would miss all of that.
(I did agree to this, Jack living with us forever. Only because I am sure there will be a time when he can't WAIT to get out of here...)


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Nana said...

We had the "going away to college" (or not) onversation again on Friday. He REALLY may never leave the nest!